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The Sunpower difference: power production, aesthetics, warranty, durability and lifetime profitability. 

The Sunpower Equinox Panels provide a full package under one roof. Sunpower equipment is manufactured, warrantied, financed and installed by us. For the Orange County and San Diego residents that would like the cutting edge technology, cleanest looking, best warranty, and competitive pricing ; The Equinox solution is here for you:

Power Production : 335 to 360 watts per panel,
22+% efficiency
Complete 25 year warranty – including labor
(number 2 Panasonic @ 19% – 325 watts, average 16%, 280 watts)

Durability : 25 year Warranty, smallest degradation loss <1% year
Producing at 92% capacity after 20+ years

Warranty : 25 years, panels, inverter, monitoring, all internal with Sunpower

Manufactured : USA engineered panels, 30 years in business, specialized in solar efficiency technology

Aesthetics : black on black panels, sleek low mount systems, tough black mounting hardwar

Is the best, the most expensive? No. Sunpower has optimized the residential and commercial manufacturing over 30 years, that savings goes to you.

A quick 5-10 minute phone call to discuss your homes square footage and energy usage will determine your qualifications. We can help with purchase, loan or lease options to estimate the profitability for your home. Many Orange County and San Diego residents are saving $1000s over a few years. A solar array can be one of the best investments for your home, and saving you thousands in electricity costs. 

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Sunpower Equinox Solution for OC and SD 


 Is Now A Good Time For Solar?

Let’s check your current energy rates…..So Cal Energy Rates 2017


View Your SDGE Rates

edison tou rates 2017

View Your SCE Rates

I’m sure you have looked at you electricity bills and noticed over the last couple of years, your energy bills are going up. You’re seen solar go up on roofs, parking lots, and around the neighborhood. Well there is a reason, solar power is one of the most profitable purchases you can make for your home. You can see the tiered and time of use rates going up. Were talking about is switching the power companies you pay to producing your very own energy system. You’re cutting out the energy corporations from maintaining power plants, power lines, natural resources and sponsorships. Current 2017, SCE standard rates are 17, 25, 31 cent per kilowatt; and SDGE averages 20, 42 cents per kilowatt. You can click your respected utility provider to review your bill and annual kilowatt usage. We are here to help with this process, but its always a good idea to get familiar with your electricity bill before switching to solar. 

Once we review your annual usage, and look at possible future plans, we can calculate the perfect size solar array for your home. We can normally see a spike in the hot summer months, during the holiday’s and after daylight savings time. You can break down the kilowatt usage by the month to determine your overall annual production. The easiest way to check your energy usage is view the monthly usage chart. 

Sunpower’s high efficient panels will uses the smallest amount of area to give you the most amount of power. The newest panels give 370 watts per panel, second would be LG at 315 and Panasonic at 325. You will be getting 20% more power, and longer life span with Sunpower panels.  If you are dreaming of an electric car, you will need the best panels on the market to power your home and car under one roof. Learn more about Sunpower’s Equinox Solution below……


The Complete Sunpower Equinox Solution


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 The Upgraded Sunpower Equinox Solution


Thank you for your time and interest. Please give me a call to discuss your home or commercial options….

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