No Horizons : Top of the World, Bottom of the Sky

No Horizons is a series of landscape photographs that connect the air and the land the water and like clouds. We are on a sphere with no horizons, only a turn away from the next day.

With my fascination with the tides, currents, swells and waves; lead me to connect the air, winds and clouds. Living under the waters of the clouds protected from the fusion and vacuums of space. We reside on the core magma and crust on the world; above the liquid, just below the clouds, safe from outer space. The fire and liquid from within is were our conscious survival begins…….

We on are on top of the world and the bottom of the sky, each layer of life has blended its buoyant energies into a nested atmosphere of comfort and sustainability. So when we look at the horizon there is no line; we are the existence of gravity standing on the iron, magma, skin, and womb or the planets surface. Just below the electromagnetic stratus sphere, blanketed by the hydrating vapors we breath in.

When we look up we see the stars, down we see the roots, the around horizon we see our place on the skin of the planet. We grow, we consume, we nurture, we build, we spread from water way to mountain top. Adding a new layers to our existence. Layers that we walk in, breathing, eat from and rotate with. When you look at the horizon, you’re actually seeing everything below you and everything above you, as it reflects off the layers of the atmospheres we are creating.

No Horizons Photography

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-Darren Names