The Pearl Beaches of So Cal

As a Photographer, capturing historical landmarks at their best is a continuing challenge. When we see the clouds forming in the air, we grab our cameras for impressionist and surreal monte sunsets, unique compositions, and a time stamp so you as a photographer can stand you images out of the rest of the instagrams and stock photography. As any surfer knows timing is everything…

This winter has brought the unusual surf from Hurricane Marie and Pineapple Express. The pastel purples, radiant oranges, and cool blues and greens contrast into one of natures most usual color harmonies. Therefore I have named the newest Huntington Beach pier, “The Winter Pearl” for its cool, luminous, and precious spectacle of an amazing So Cal winter sunset. These art photographs and posters of Huntington, Newport and Laguna Beach will be available for purchase on my┬áRedbubble store.

Huntington Beach Pier with Ruby Winter Surfing

The Winter Pearl

Hurricane Marie brought the highest waves to The Wedge in 25 years. Thousands showed up for the entertainment of surfers, and boarders attempting their fate at a shore crashing 20 foot waves. Listening to the lip crash on the ocean and sand floor sounded like bombs were attacking the shores on D Day. The sandbar I’m sure felt the same, and a few that miss timed waves. As the sunset nestled down into the evening, a light touch of orange cascaded across the crashing lips of the waves. The blues came from the deep as the south and north tide mash up to create one pinnacle, Mount Wedge. One beach goer admires a personal perspective as he calmly wades in one of the most power waves of the evening. It was eerie to watch 40 surfers pass this wave, which rose straight up and and straight down, leaving no way out of this warhead of a wave.

The Wedge In Newport Beach + Hurricane Marie

Mount Wedge