An Apple’s Day for a Life Time

An apples life. Starting from a seed of another generation, and apple hit the ground with many seeds inside, for many the journey will die, be eaten, or never receive the right nutrition to ever grow. For that one seed it settles in the ground surrounding itself in the fruit of nourishment, half from the ground the other half from the sky. It first grows its roots deep in the ground to provide a steady trunk for the stems. The years pass growing bigger and bigger each year more leaves and more roots as it gets stronger battling the elements. Each spring watches the flowers blossom, each fall watches leaves die.


The year finally comes when the first blossom emerges from a stem. The bees, humming birds, and butterflies come to pollinate. The bugs and parasite come to suck it dry. Of the hundreds of flowers, half survive and a new apples begin to emerge. Hot summer light fills the leaves and apples grow big and begin pulling down the limbs but the roots and trunk stay strong with support. The harvest begins and a free for all of food begins. The tree is pulled and picked and climbed and striped of its fruit for everyone. The tree that had been ignored by world before now bares fruit as a provider. The provider that had simply came from a single seed was now giving nourishment and life to to those in need and some with greed. Autumn came it was time to rest, the leaves provide the grande finally of color and fall.

The winter comes and the source of nutriment comes from below as the roots continue to grow. Then flowers begin to sprout and the buds begin to form, this time there is one more, as one apple had seen it all. The same apple that grew last year was around to tell its story. What would he tell everyone? The story of the blossoms and the leaves and how great the butterflies and humming birds? Would he tell stories of the bugs? Would they speak of the sun, the rain, and the moon? The wrinkles in the fruit wither away for this apple has seen more then a day, baring the seeds of hope for another tree some day.