Human In Nature History through Photography

Human and Nature initially was developed on the relationships of humans influence on nature. Old objects found in naturally beautiful settings through the United States. Until more and more pictures developed the essential development of human society began to unfold. Power, Control of Resources, Sectioning off land, Transportation, Protection were the central themes behind the development of our species. In each of the photographs a different theme is apparent, and while some of the subjects are out dated, only the technology behind the theme changes.

The Summery of Ideas Behind the Humans In Nature Series

The Falling Windmill is the first theme of power and the first intent of generating clean energy by our human culture. Hence the technology behind this theme has developed into one of the biggest resources of Humans in Nature. The power of the sun, the power from oil, the power from wind, the power from the earth resources have all been out pursued as solutions to generate more energy for us humans to consume.

The control of these resources have come to the next level of behavior. The Crested Sunset is taken out of the storm drain to channel water back out into the oceans. The channels of the resources that make it possible to control water systems through our societies. Whether we are pumping it out of the ground of sending it back the oceans, the human nature to control the earth’s natural resources has had a vast influence on the destination and cleanliness of our resources.

The control of resources then processes to our own transportation, The Train Wheel that runs on a track from destination to destination. The transportation channels that continually carrying resources throughout the land. From trains, to boats, planes and cars continuing to the exponential factors in which resources are consumed.

As the Smokey Tracks channel the transportation where the power, transportation and communication can all be seen in process. The communication is the driving force behind how goods are bought sold and distributed throughout society. The towers controlling the infinite signals from place to place.

It’s this behavior that developed the protection nature or resources. As the Barbwire Sunset, protects the ins and outs or the lands like sharp edges of a thistle, or the natural defenses of the Poison Oak. We all build fences around us that protect ourselves, and the resources of our land.

Throughout development creating more power, resources, transportation and communication have created our own Perspectives on our Nature and the development of society. Everything from the plastic to the trees, the resources are the foundation of society and its own continuing lines of communication that share our different Perspectives of the control, politics, and guiding growth in human society.

In the Human Nature of it all we have lost a connection with earth by running it over with  transportation, fences, power and by the way we control our resources. The Human Attempt to protect the Environment has lost its priority to protecting and nurturing ourselves.

Every time we flip on a power switch, turn on the water, call a friend, purchase food from the market, buy property and put up a fence, this all his the development of society touching so many things with simple actions that influence culture to culture through our our actions. This builds our attitudes, views, Perspectives on the things that matter most to us. Thus, our actions through these behaviors make our Foot Print on earth. – Darren Names