Artist Statement

Darren is a conceptual photographer, neo surrealist painter, and graphic designer. His imagery uses line, shape, texture, and vibrate color harmonies to create a minimalist composition with supporting environments. While moments in time are constantly changing, the photographs grasp a specific detail in time. These subjects tell a story in their environment, which are often framed in an exciting landscape. 

The neo surrealism paintings are a full spectrum depictions of earthly forces. Gravity, electricity, attraction and earthly elements play together in different forces. The subjects are surrounded by patterns to make the eye dance around the subject to the main focal point. The paintings and illustrations are philosophical, psychological, logical, fantasy to compose a scientific narrative artwork.

What are emotions? What is time? Why do I think this is pretty? The studies of attraction, gravity, happiness, sadness, and thought process are the simple fascinating questions for the soul that controls your body. Is there a math, science, language, phycology, religion, or philosophy that can explain how the life and universe that works? Yes, you can calculate energy, calories, kilowatts, etc; but can you calculate the your feelings in the world? This art is based of the energetic feelings and metaphysical realities that evolved around us all. 

-Darren Names

Contact Info

For commissions, gallery inquires, and purchase information please contact:

*All photographs are available as editions, 12″ x 18″ or 16″ x 24″

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Past Shows

Group Exhibitions 

2008 – Chico Icons – Trees – Avenue 9 Gallery
“Esplanade in the Fall”

2008 – Chico Open Studio Tour – Chico Art Center
“Sparkling Waterfall”

2009 – Members Show – Chico Art Center
“Crested Sunset”

2009 – Chico Icons “Water” – Avenue 9 Gallery
“Opposing Reflections”
“The Great Valley”

2010 – Chico Icons: Seasons – Avenue 9 Gallery
“Reflection Pool”
“Spring Blossom”

2012 – Center Camp Cafe – Black Rock City
“Perfect Idea”

Solo Exhibition

2012 – Visual Enlightenment – Avenue 9 Gallery
Show featuring Human N Nature Photography Series, and Cycles of Attraction Paintings
2/17/2012 – 3/17/2012
Article by ChicoER – Human Condition on Display at Avenue 9 Gallery

Juried Competitions

2008 – Patterns and Portraits: A Study of Humanity and the Natural World -CSU Chico Anthropology – Kendall Hall
“Opposing Perspectives”

2010 – Through the Lens: Energy, Strength or Power – Coastal Arts League – Half Moon Bay, Ca
“Train Tracks”

2011 –  International Juried Photography Competition – SeascapesArtists Haven
“Crested Sunset”

2015 – American Dream: Lost or Found – Orange County Creatives – Laguna Beach, Ca
“Crested Sunset”

2015 – Artopia 2015 Artist Competition – OCweekly – Anahiem, Ca