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Hello art fans from all over (the internet),

Ever wanted cool artwork on your celly cell, or a throw down on the couch?

I have carefully captured, processed and uploaded my artwork to the Red Bubble for great merch-perks. That new Iphone6 need a little protection and color? The couch need some fresh color? Well the ImageryD Bub store will be updated with a variety of those deep colors, spiritual renderings, and playful art vibes.


ImageryD RedBubble Shop Iphone CasesSend me a request if you had any other art in mind. And as always limited edition prints are available on special request, only now you can carry art on your phone, or stick it on your friends back, or throw it on the couch, or you can mail it to a pen pal.


Art Poems from Visual Enlightenment

Mind over Matter

Mind Over Matter Painting

Mind Over Matter Painting

The matter, the environment, the seen, sensed, thought and felt. The perception in the terms of mental process in which analysis composes a signal. The roots gather fuel from the surroundings from the perception and the mind processes the matter through the emotions and logic. It’s a pattern process from the first sensed nerve to the last decision made. The brain places connections together from the spiraling emotional perceptions to the reasonable organizational process composing the matter of decision and action.



Hands of Time

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

The clock ticks as time and scheduling become a larger part of the day, living in an exact moment in time harnessed by the energies in your body to grasp time. It comes in so many ways from space to the second; as time passes through your hands, the experiences grow. Networks are created and released until the energy is gone.




Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Emotions build through actions and thoughts. A calm state flows into a slow wave as the eye of the storm swells to a crescendo and it crashes into a cloudy action. The wave comes to a breaking point in which the action of emotion is triggered: laugh, cry, fight, run, love, all into a point of ultimate feeling.

An Apple’s Day for a Life Time

An apples life. Starting from a seed of another generation, and apple hit the ground with many seeds inside, for many the journey will die, be eaten, or never receive the right nutrition to ever grow. For that one seed it settles in the ground surrounding itself in the fruit of nourishment, half from the ground the other half from the sky. It first grows its roots deep in the ground to provide a steady trunk for the stems. The years pass growing bigger and bigger each year more leaves and more roots as it gets stronger battling the elements. Each spring watches the flowers blossom, each fall watches leaves die.


The year finally comes when the first blossom emerges from a stem. The bees, humming birds, and butterflies come to pollinate. The bugs and parasite come to suck it dry. Of the hundreds of flowers, half survive and a new apples begin to emerge. Hot summer light fills the leaves and apples grow big and begin pulling down the limbs but the roots and trunk stay strong with support. The harvest begins and a free for all of food begins. The tree is pulled and picked and climbed and striped of its fruit for everyone. The tree that had been ignored by world before now bares fruit as a provider. The provider that had simply came from a single seed was now giving nourishment and life to to those in need and some with greed. Autumn came it was time to rest, the leaves provide the grande finally of color and fall.

The winter comes and the source of nutriment comes from below as the roots continue to grow. Then flowers begin to sprout and the buds begin to form, this time there is one more, as one apple had seen it all. The same apple that grew last year was around to tell its story. What would he tell everyone? The story of the blossoms and the leaves and how great the butterflies and humming birds? Would he tell stories of the bugs? Would they speak of the sun, the rain, and the moon? The wrinkles in the fruit wither away for this apple has seen more then a day, baring the seeds of hope for another tree some day.

Human In Nature History through Photography

Human and Nature initially was developed on the relationships of humans influence on nature. Old objects found in naturally beautiful settings through the United States. Until more and more pictures developed the essential development of human society began to unfold. Power, Control of Resources, Sectioning off land, Transportation, Protection were the central themes behind the development of our species. In each of the photographs a different theme is apparent, and while some of the subjects are out dated, only the technology behind the theme changes.

The Summery of Ideas Behind the Humans In Nature Series

The Falling Windmill is the first theme of power and the first intent of generating clean energy by our human culture. Hence the technology behind this theme has developed into one of the biggest resources of Humans in Nature. The power of the sun, the power from oil, the power from wind, the power from the earth resources have all been out pursued as solutions to generate more energy for us humans to consume.

The control of these resources have come to the next level of behavior. The Crested Sunset is taken out of the storm drain to channel water back out into the oceans. The channels of the resources that make it possible to control water systems through our societies. Whether we are pumping it out of the ground of sending it back the oceans, the human nature to control the earth’s natural resources has had a vast influence on the destination and cleanliness of our resources.

The control of resources then processes to our own transportation, The Train Wheel that runs on a track from destination to destination. The transportation channels that continually carrying resources throughout the land. From trains, to boats, planes and cars continuing to the exponential factors in which resources are consumed.

As the Smokey Tracks channel the transportation where the power, transportation and communication can all be seen in process. The communication is the driving force behind how goods are bought sold and distributed throughout society. The towers controlling the infinite signals from place to place.

It’s this behavior that developed the protection nature or resources. As the Barbwire Sunset, protects the ins and outs or the lands like sharp edges of a thistle, or the natural defenses of the Poison Oak. We all build fences around us that protect ourselves, and the resources of our land.

Throughout development creating more power, resources, transportation and communication have created our own Perspectives on our Nature and the development of society. Everything from the plastic to the trees, the resources are the foundation of society and its own continuing lines of communication that share our different Perspectives of the control, politics, and guiding growth in human society.

In the Human Nature of it all we have lost a connection with earth by running it over with  transportation, fences, power and by the way we control our resources. The Human Attempt to protect the Environment has lost its priority to protecting and nurturing ourselves.

Every time we flip on a power switch, turn on the water, call a friend, purchase food from the market, buy property and put up a fence, this all his the development of society touching so many things with simple actions that influence culture to culture through our our actions. This builds our attitudes, views, Perspectives on the things that matter most to us. Thus, our actions through these behaviors make our Foot Print on earth. – Darren Names

Human In Nature Photographic Slideshow

Smokey Train Tracks
Train Tracks
Crested Sunset
Fallen Windmill

Avenue 9 Show – Visual Enlightenment

Here are some of the photos from the Avenue 9 gallery show. A wall of Human In Nature and a wall from Visual Enlightenment. Together a portrayal of human development including resources, communication, and development. The photography is represented by scenes from Human In Nature; The water tunnel from the Crested Sunset, The energy from a Fallen Windmill, the Train Tracks of transportation, The Barbwire Sunset showing property development.

The paintings accent the development by the emotions, imagination, and brain waves. You can read into them as your own human interpretation, through Visual Enlightenment.

The Reality Connected to the Imagination

It was a sure delight to have so many fans and friends attend the reception and see the show. So many great questions, stories and reflections about the artwork. Augie Valequez and I made quite the duo of human, nature, and the star dust of the universe. The connections and ideas reviled throughout human resources, communication and behavior. Visual Enlightenment will include Human In Nature to Cycles of Attraction, and Hands of Time, a general yet precise depiction of the natural elements framed in a human existence.


So the next Chapter in the land of Darren arts will be to expand on these ideas in further detail, and create continue the playful illustrations. I will be expanding through poetic writings and further details in the land of life. Meanwhile, I am happy to take any commission requests for photography or painting in my low pressure point of art.




Visual Enlightenment by Darren Names at Avenue 9

The time has come for the full cohesive show of my artwork. Human in Nature, Cycles of Attraction, Chico Landscape and the conceptual integration of new paintings and iconic classics. Concept, pattern, composition and color will light up Avenue 9 on February 17th to March 17th. Ring in the spring with a blossoming perspective on life from a progressive artist. Come see the precisely captured photography, imaginative paintings and the empowerment of visual enlightenment.

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Conceptual Photography and Artwork

Frequency Photomontage Train Wheel Esplanade in the Fall
Cycles of Attraction Human In Nature Chico Landscapes

CYCLES OF ATTRACTION – A theoretic depiction of the patterns of creation. From low pressure, high pressure and stable bonds. This series depicts the process of creation and life.

HUMAN IN NATURE – A conceptual photographic series based on the interaction of human elements in natural environments. The photos connect natural landscapes to human creations through composition, line, color and pattern.

CHICO LANDSCAPES – Beautiful Northern California captured in detail and landscapes with a painterly and photography eye.

Conceptual Photography, and Digital Fine Art Printing

Conceptual Photography & Revolutions in Fine Art Printing

  The current revolutions in art work are in the digital reproduction and high quality ink jet printing. Graham Nash has developed and marketed a new style of giclee printing and producing art work. Art must keep up with the rest of the increasing technology, and increasingly obscene amount of stimuli through television, communications, computers, and the rest of technology. Conceptual photography is a primary means to give truth, reality, and expression. Fine art printing is the optimal medium for printing high resolution and archival prints. The camera and fine art printing are the symbiotic technology to create amazing high quality giclee prints. Viewing art in the traditional sense, that people going to museums to view art is dwindling. However, art is now being infiltrated into coffee shops, restaurants, collectives, and smaller galleries. The venues in which art is viewed is diversifying to outside locations and of course online. Art reproduction is needed to keep up with this demand. The original artwork will always harnessing the romantic and direct craft of the artwork. With the power of reproduction the original can be mass communicated, and made affordable for a boarder range of collectors. People are evolving into busier and filtering through more options; unique art is increasingly harder to find. The camera now makes anyone a photographer. However, just because you can buy a pencil and piece of paper does not make you an illustrator. With the growing and expanding field of photography just means there will be more works to sort through with increasing competition. This brings better photography new ideas and techniques. Artist will always have a profound influence in the way people see, think, and feel throughout life. Through these revolutions in technology people will continually be enlightened and pressure to find their unique collectors and favorite artworks. A huge innovator in digital printing Graham Nash states, “I’ve never been afraid of using any tool that I could find that would enable me to get my thoughts from my head down into some physical reality as soon as possible and this digital world and the digital revolution that’s going on around it is a very exiting one. It doesn’t’t matter to me how you get there, it only matter to me what the intrinsic value of the image is for your own particular soul.”

There are a set series of events that lead up to revolutions in the way people think and see the world. All of these artist set a new style of painting using the tools, ideas and influences. Each of these cycles have created art to what it is today. Paintings are no longer a needs of trying to capture reality. Artists now has the ability influence of mass reproduction in the form of print reproduction. Any medium digital or traditional can be shared through the means of fine art prints. Art influences, whether its paintings, drawings, photography, and now they can all be reproduced and printed out through one medium. While the originals can still be their masterpieces of art they can now also be reproduced to be displayed at business’, in a coffee shops, in the city hall, or in your own home. Art is in the preliminary stages of a new revolution through new tools and ideas just like before and now are being modified to fit this world.