No Horizons

We on are on Top of the World and the Bottom of the Sky; Below the magma heart, above the endless stars.

Orange County Solarcity Consultations

Hello, I'm a Sr. Consultant at Solarcity as well. The time has come we don't need fossil fuel energy anymore. You don't have to pay monopolized rates for your electricity. You can save money now and invest into the value of your home. Request a Free Quote

Eye of the Storm

Prints, phone cases, pillows and more now available on Red Bubble

Cycles of Patterns : Preview

From Energy, Creation and Life as I see it....

Human In Nature Photography Series

#HumanInNature with your own crossed observations

Human In Nature Gallery

Crested Sunset Fine Art Photograph

Crested Sunset

Ever wondered the balance of the Human world and natural? This art photography series goes through human development from energy sources, transportation, communication and our foot prints as Humans In Nature.

Neo Surrealism Paintings

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm - Life's Idioms Gallery

The crash of emotions, control of time, and the process of the human mind.....

Phone Cases, Hand Bags, and More

ImageryD RedBubble Shop Iphone CasesDid you crack your phone screen? You should have got an protective phone case, *aesthetically pleasing...=P Oh yeah and since there's a plastic bag ban in California, your gonna need a hand bag, Double =P and =D for the environment...

Time to Review Solar Electricity?

solarcity-orange county solar panels freeI can help review your solar electricity options in Orange County, and across California. Util ity rates are on the rises, fossil fuels are a technology of the past. Is it time to upgrade your home to solar panel electricity? Request a quote to make an educated decision about your electricity rates.

Conceptual Photography and Artwork to take your from reality to imagination through the frequencies of life.